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Re: [TCML] Tesla coil setup using MOT


MOTs are significantly different from NSTs for Tesla applications. Where NSTs provide relatively high voltages at low (and limited) current outputs, MOTs provide relatively low voltages at much higher, (and more probably lethal) current levels. Significant care in construction and operation is required to safely implement MOTs for TC use. A stack of 4 MOTs can rival the power output of a small utility transformer (pole pig).

Series connected sets of 4 or perhaps even 6 MOTs have been successfully used to power DC resonant charged TCs. Richie Burnett in England has a very useful web page, showing how he gets 10 foot (~3 meter) discharges with only 4 MOTs in series for inputs. However, the design and construction of DC resonant charged TCs is more complicated than the simpler RSG TC systems. See his website at:


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On 12/21/2016 11:15 AM, Martin Slinning wrote:
My students and i have just finished building av flyback/zvs coil and want to step up to a New coil using MOTs. We have seen different setups but we are looking for tips on how to build the most effective coil. In Norway we have limited access to NST, but MOTs are no problem. We have now about 11 mots and a   bunch of MO caps and diodes.
We are planning on making av rsg using av 2800 rpm motor and an inverter to raise  to 150-200 Hz to get whatever rpm we need.
Anyone who can give us tips on what to do, and not do, are greatly appreciated.

Best regards
Martin Slinning.
(Teacher Electric automation at Norwegian highschool.)

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