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Re: [TCML] Tesla coil setup using MOT

Hi Dave.

I am very awere of the potential danger in using MOTs, and the students
will only take part in building the coil when i will be the one to run it.
As for sparkgap we still are going for RSG with inverter to change
freqency/rpm. I heard that changing rpms give intersting changes in
streamers sound.. We have lots of MOTs and MO caps and diodes, so building
the powersupply is only a question of what gives the best result. We also
have transformeroil to submerge the MOTs in if needed.

Thanks for reply, and merry christmas and a happy new year to you and your


2016-12-22 21:30 GMT+01:00 David Speck <Dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Martin,
> MOTs are significantly different from NSTs for Tesla applications.  Where
> NSTs provide relatively high voltages at low (and limited) current outputs,
> MOTs provide relatively low voltages at much higher, (and more probably
> lethal) current levels.  Significant care in construction and operation is
> required to safely implement MOTs for TC use.  A stack of 4 MOTs can rival
> the power output of a small utility transformer (pole pig).
> Series connected sets of 4 or perhaps even 6 MOTs have been successfully
> used to power DC resonant charged TCs.  Richie Burnett in England has a
> very useful web page, showing how he gets 10 foot (~3 meter) discharges
> with only 4 MOTs in series for inputs.  However, the design and
> construction of DC resonant charged TCs is more complicated than the
> simpler RSG TC systems. See his website at:
> http://www.richieburnett.co.uk/tesla.shtml
> Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.
> Dave
> On 12/21/2016 11:15 AM, Martin Slinning wrote:
>> Hi.
>> My students and i have just finished building av flyback/zvs coil and
>> want to step up to a New coil using MOTs. We have seen different setups but
>> we are looking for tips on how to build the most effective coil. In Norway
>> we have limited access to NST, but MOTs are no problem. We have now about
>> 11 mots and a   bunch of MO caps and diodes.
>> We are planning on making av rsg using av 2800 rpm motor and an inverter
>> to raise  to 150-200 Hz to get whatever rpm we need.
>> Anyone who can give us tips on what to do, and not do, are greatly
>> appreciated.
>> Best regards
>> Martin Slinning.
>> (Teacher Electric automation at Norwegian highschool.)
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