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IMHO DC resonant charging is good compromise with MOT's  because

* With a single MOT using the designs published by "drilling" on Terry's site (originally published by Steve Connors as "scopeboy" ) see http://www.capturedlightning.org/hot-streamer/drilling/dccoil.html remarkable results from a single MOT, not complex and used twin level shifters and resonant charging to get 20kV from a single MOT. When I made this design I used two MOT's secondaries in series gapped to 0.3mm for ring up and Primaries removed. Sadly full cct at scopeboy site not currently posted but will be around somewhere. Best bang for buck coil design I know of gives me reliable coil achieving 700mm spark

* I like the power control available with variable break rate simplifies ballasting avoided all ballasting in my machines) I am suspicious of the energy stored in the ballast causing big voltage spikes if the machine misfires

* The ability to alter break rate without difficulty is a nice effect acoustically

* Complexity of SRSG avoided

* Silicon is really cheap and mounting a few dozen series diodes on a piece of acrylic for DeQ and/or FW rectifier is not a problem

* Increase in available voltage at Cp with resonant charging is IMHO a better method and it keeps the very high voltages confined to a small part of the machine. Even 6 MOT's is rather low voltage

* I find DC designs smoother in operation with no interaction between mains frequency and actual break rate

* I thinks as opposed to know that the extra voltage generated by resonant charging makes a more economical Cp considering Pk currents and voltage ratings of MMC bits

* I believe it protects the MOT's from breakdown to the core due to DC filtering and smooth operation, I've had problems in the past with AC designs impacted by voltage spikes breaking down to the core but never with DC designs

* MOT's for DC filters, primary xfrmr arrays and ring up chokes are plentiful and cheap, heavy however.

As others say all here is lethal and care is essential 12kV 1 amp no second chances here

Rgds to list
tedl in NZ

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Is there a clear advantage in using the DC resonant charging approach
versus just using the MOT's AC output? It would use far less components
that way, seems quite simpler.

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