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[TCML] Help Needed To Build A Tesla Coil

Respected Sir/Madam,

I have a plan to build a Tesla coil but I have a little experience in this
field. Last year I built a smaller one by using a 5KV NST and bottle
capacitor but I was not satisfied by the performance so now I am planning
to build a bigger one.

For this purpose I have bought a 15KV 30mA NST, a secondary of 2.5 inch
diameter and 16 inch tall and a toroid capacitance of 15pF. But I am still
confused for the capacitor, I don't know which type of capacitor should be
used and what should be the voltage rating of the capacitor bank.

So I am requesting to you all please provide me all calculation and
schematic including filter circuit and others. I don't want to use rotary
spark gap because it will overflow my budget.

Thanking You
Pranab Lodh
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