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[TCML] Will TRADE TC stuff for Geissler tube

I was sooo bummed to hear that Alton sold all of his Geissler tubes - I've
been wanting one for a very long time.

Would there be anyone on the List with one that they would care to trade
for some rare TC goodies? For an even swap, I would offer either:

One Maxwell #37093 capacitor - .02uF, 45kV.  Brief specs at
http://www.ga.com/series-de-high-voltage-pulse-discharge-capacitors, photos
of this one upon request.  I scored several of these very desirable
TC-worthy pulse caps at the MIT flea market and have used some in my TC,
but this one has never been used by me, it's in used but excellent
condition.  You can hear the oil sloshing inside when you shake it - I
understand that this is normal. If anyone knows otherwise, please feel free
to correct me on-list.  Perfect size for a 15/60 NST w/ static gap.

Or -

One Teletype synchronous motor for a sync RSG.  Includes original
cradle/base, starting cap and relay, and custom aluminum arbor for mounting
a disk.  Part 151795 3000/3600RPM, 50/60 CYC 115V   2.0Amp 1/20HP.
Extremely clean, fully wired, ready to plug in.  Tested, works perfect,
turns quietly and smoothly.  Photo available upon request.

Please respond off-list to glau1024@xxxxxxxxx

Regards, Gary Lau
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