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[TCML] rewiring for 220v

Hi, I have a tesla coil powered by a pair of 15kv 60ma nsts. The
secondarys are in parallel to give 120ma. I have a terry filter, a
couple of overvoltage gaps and a line filter. The problem is that at 120
volts it pulls over 30 amps. I doubled up my pfc caps from 200uf to 400
and when my Kill-a-watt meter gets here I can see how well that worked.

I just lost a gig showing the coil off at the Toronto Maker Festival
because the venue was uneasy about supplying 120 volts at 30 amps. This
is a recurring problem. So I'm thinking maybe I should rewire my nsts
for 220 volts, and maybe these venues will be more comfortable supplying
power that way. This makes me think of a couple of questions:

How do I connect the core grounds of my nsts when running at 220? Right
now they are connected together to supply ground which is kept separate
from the coil;s earth ground which is a metal spike or a water pipe that
goes underground. And what would be the most sensible male plug style to
put at the end of my power cord? Right now I have 12 feet of 10/3 cab
tire as a power cord. Thanks for this great list and all your pooled
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