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[TCML] DRSSTC Problems: Main DC bus supply working but switching circuit is not

Hello all,
I think that at least someone might have had the problem that I do at the
moment. I am building Eastern Voltage Research's reference design 1.0
DRSSTC and need some help. I managed to get the bus circuit working
properly at the intended 340 volts and have assembled the rest of the coil
according to the schematic but am not getting any sparks. When I give the
controller a signal, it does respond by lighting the MOD ACTIVE light
according to the signal power and frequency but It does not appear to be
driving the circuit at all. My IGBT is working (I tested it). I am also
fairly certain that nothing else in the switching circuit is broken. Any
suggestions for what might be wrong?

I don't use oscilloscopes very often and therefore am unsure where I need
to probe the circuit to get a current reading. I have an extra current
transformer but have no idea how to hook it up with my oscilloscope.

If anyone has any ideas on what I'm doing wrong it would help out a lot. I
am trying to finish this before I graduate high school in two weeks. My
brother and I started this DRSSTC project about a year ago and moved on to
a fusion reactor before we finished the Tesla coil so the Tesla coil
project got pushed to the side. Now that the fusion reactor is complete, I
would very much like to finish this project.
You might notice some of the other projects in my room. They include a
laser turret, fusion reactor and a few spark gap Tesla coils. If you're
interested here <https://www.youtube.com/user/musicman977/videos> is a link.
Noah Anglin
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