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[TCML] A Couple of Mini-Pigs for Sale.

Hi all,
I have a couple of small pole piglets that I would like to pass on to a good home for a reasonable fee. One is a 70:1, 8400 volt/120 volt 1.5 kVA thermal rated instrument type potential transformer in the "pole-pig style" oil-filled tank and with two HV bushing "horns". The other is a 3 kVA rated 7960/13800 GRY to 120/240 standard pole transformer with a single HV input bushing, probably designed for a street lighting circuit. I was thinking maybe $150 each OBO or $250 OBO to take 'em both. They each weigh in at only ~ 100# and can be picked up by one man of good health and average strength. Obviously, a personal pick-up by the buyer is much preferred but I may be able to strap them to a pallet for shipment if the buyer wished to arrange for freight shipment. I am located near Memphis, 38135. Of course, unlike NSTs or OBITs, these type of transformers require external ballasting to use for SG Tesla coil power supplies or Jacob's ladders, but can easily be driven to outperform even the larger NSTs by a significant factor. Both are guaranteed non-DOA and fully functional. Of course, a personal pick up is preferred. Please email me directly if interested and provide a smartphone number so I can text some photos. 
David Rieben
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