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[TCML] Pole pig questions

Link to pictures of everything and my descriptions.

Q1. I have seen some pig mounted safety gaps. I plan on building them on my
pig at a distance corresponding to the HV I don't want to make. I plan on
using some recently acquired 15kv non shielded cable to make any
connections to what I'm applying HV. I will have a non insulated portion/
electrode at the business end of the HV insulator. I assume the safety gap
electrodes are ran to earth ground. Should this ground be isolated, and on
its own earth ground?

Q2. I'm in to this project 0$. The pig and every awesome piece I have were
given to me by people with the authority to do so. I need a Big variac now
and have a hunch if I keep asking I'll find one. In the meantime is it safe
to use say, a 5kva 240v variac, ballast with my 240v 48a(name plate rated)
My understanding is my primary (only)windings on the welder will be in
series with the 240v winding of the pig, Straight to my variac. My welder
secondary (2 windings,4 leads) will be dead shorted as one. AL windings :(
I don't expect it to last forever. I have CT’s and meters I've collected to
try and keep current within reason. But, will a smaller variac and nearly
full rated, shorted, welder work?

Q3. A ridiculous filter will be built, someday. I don't (currently) think I
need one while I play with my pig like, big Jacobs, Maybe discharges across
a gap but threw a coil of some sort:) Do I need a filter to run on
residential service?

This is my very first question to TCML, I have been a reader for a few
years. Thank you everyone for coiling and sharing knowledge.
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