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Re: [TCML] Lower than expected performance

On 5/24/16 12:20 PM, undisclosed recipient via Tesla wrote:
Here's what I have currently...
18 salt water caps in parallel each measuring 1.6 nF each.
3 12kV 30 mA.
85 uF input capacitor.
3" abs wrapped with 24 ga wire approx 1000 turns.
Torus is 16" x 3" with breakout.

I just can't seem to get bigger than 2 foot arcs.

The rule of thumb says "spark length in inches = 1.7*sqrt(power in watts)" for a "well adjusted efficient coil".

You're probably putting in about 500W (the name plate rating of your 3 NSTs totals up to 1080 watts, but you can't get 12kV and 30mA at the same time.
With 500W, 3 feet seems to be achievable.

So you're most of the way there.

What kind of spark gap are you running?

Does the performance of the coil change as it runs?

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