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I picked up an EMI filter for $1.00 at a Hamfest. It is "Corcom" brand, Chicago, IL. It is rated 15 amps and is hermetically sealed or soldered together. The measurements are about 5"x4 1/4"x2 3/4".

I understand that the line/load connections should be reversed for use with a neon sign transformer Tesla coil. That is that the terminals marked "LINE" connect to the neon sign transformer and the "LOAD" terminals are connected to my 125 volt home power. Need that premise verified or negated as the case may be. The EMI filter was designed to prevent "line in" interference and noise from affecting my computer for instance. But with a Telsa coil we want to prevent its RFI from feeding back into house wiring as I understand.

Also, should the neon sign transformer case ground be connected through the case of the EMI filter to my home wiring ground which is the round prong on the plugs and outlets? The EMI filter does have a ground terminal connected to its metal case.

I just thought that maybe undesired RFI might be fed back through the ground wiresw into my home white or neutral wire as both are bonded together in circuit breaker box and ultimately to earth ground.

However, there is an element of danger if the neon sing transformer is not grounded as an internal short of the "hot" side to case would present a shock hazard, I guess.


Ron Reeland
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