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Re: [TCML] Ground

Hi Jay

It depends on the depth of your well and the depth of your water table.

A well deeper than 33 feet cannot use a surface-level pump. There are some
jetted pumps that can work but the efficiency is not as great. Your best bet
would be to pop the top off your well casing and look down into the bore, if
you see electrical wiring, you have an in-well pump. If this is the case,
the pump under your house might be a sump pump to mitigate flooding during
times of high rain.

I would use a 10' by 10' spread of chicken wire as a ground plane - well
pumps are a couple hundred bucks each. Keep things simple.


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> Hello all, 
> What are your thoughts on using a well pipe as rf ground.  
> Its a beefy hunk or iron sticking out of my front yard. 
> Planning on running the coil for holloween. 
> I am told the well has an electric pump down in its depths 
> somewhere, but I also have some form of pump under my house 
> so I'm not sure if the first statement is true or not. If it 
> does have a pump in the pipe somewhere if rather not break it...
> Any help is appreciated. 
> -Jay
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