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[TCML] Terry filter resistors


     I'm in the middle of adapting my terry filter to work with my new power supply; a France and a transco 15kV 30 mA in parallel. I haven't been able to find ideal resistors online.... 1000 ohm 100 watt. I know this isn't a super critical specification, but was wondering if anyone could offer some guidance. Maybe a web site or a combo of certain resistors that would do the job as well. 
      I did find on eBay some non inductive wire wound 100 watt resistors for a decent price, however the highest resistance available I've seen is just 16 ohms. Any thoughts on this? 
     Previously I've used the kind with the aluminum heat sink and I believe I've read others that agree that this wasn't the best option... - one of mine shorted internally and now it's like mohms and mohms of resistance.... Thanks a bunch


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