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Re: [TCML] UK Supplies

We had a supplier of NSTs from one of the largest neon sign companies here in the Western US.  They had piles of them in all different sizes and sold for $15.00.  When I went back to get another one, they will not sell them to anyone anymore.  Something about liability.  They just throw them away.  I have tried smaller neon stores, what is left of them, and the same thing.  No go.
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> Troy,
>      Unfortunately there is no good, regular supplier of NST's and / or
> OBITS in the UK that I know of.
>      It would be well worth asking on the UK mailing list
> tcbouklist-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:tcbouklist-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> for pre loved transformers
> and you may get other answers from some of the other UK coilers who lurk
> here to.
>      All of my NST's have been from sign makers who have replaced neon
> signs with LED, but even that supply has dried up recently. Might be
> worth perusing though.
>     OBits are still available and hunting around boiler manufacturers
> for scrapped/replacement units is probably the way to go. Otherwise
> there are plenty of MOT's out there.
>      If you would like to meet other UK coilers I strongly suggest the
> Cambridge teslathon
> http://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/cambridge-teslathon/ at the end of
> October.
>      Cheers
>          Derek
> On 07-Sep-16 13:50, Chip Atkinson wrote:
>> Re-posted on Troy's behalf.
>> Chip
>> -------------------------------------
>> Hi All,
>> It's been many, many years since I've posted to this list. I'm
>> originally from Canada, and I built a number of coils there over the
>> years, my first being in about 1998 or so... All of them have been
>> OBIT and NST based SGTCs.
>>  Anyway, I moved to the UK about 6 years ago and I'm interested in
>> putting together a small TC here. My first coil was with an OBIT and
>> ideally that's what I'm thinking for this one... Or something around
>> 200-300 watts. But where does one go to find high voltage transformers
>> in this country? Neon Sign transformers seem to be very difficult to
>> come by here. I've found some online sellers that seem to still be
>> selling brand new non-electronic transformers but they're awfully
>> expensive. It was easy to acquire used NSTs and OBITS back in Canada.
>> I have not been able to find any on E-bay even... At least none that
>> are located in the UK and rated for 230v.
>> I've been considering a DRSSTC, but so far I've had limited success
>> with sstcs... I'd like to put together a good old fashioned small SGTC
>> first and then make another attempt at an SSTC or DRSSTC.
>> Cheers,
>> Troy.
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