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[TCML] Idea for making PVC sheet

Maybe some of you have already thought of this but here is an idea that I tried that worked for obtaining PVC sheet. As we all know, raw materials are surprisingly expensive. I recently needed a small quantity of Schedule 40 PVC sheet. I looked at the usual sources on-line and didn't like the price. I had a left-over section of 8" PVC pipe from my previous TC secondary. I cut the piece in half length wise. I then placed the two pieces on an old cookie sheet in an oven at a temperature of 220 degrees. After about an hour I noticed that the pieces were visibly sagging. I left them in the oven for another hour for a total of two hours. I then removed them. Using a large C-clamp, I pressed each piece between two 1/4 inch aluminum plates that I had. After cooling, I had two perfectly flat pieces of PVC sheet. You can use this method with any size of PVC pipe.
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