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[TCML] 42" Sparks 12/30 - John Freau

Well maybe I'm resurrecting a dead thread, but all of this is still shiny
and new to this future lifelong coiler(I can already tell). So I have the
magnet wire on way, 19x 2kv .15uF corniel-dubbliers(butchered it), and will
be testing my first rotary...

Assuming I'm correct I should have .0075 uF tank. As to rotary, it is
uncharted territory. So I might run my Flat RQ gap and my attempt at a
rotary to see my difference. But my main thought was on the primary. So
34th turn(off top my head) was the tap point?
 I see a lot of intros to coils using .25" tubing .25" spacing at ~15 turns
for primary and just tapping it till its awesome. So why such the big
difference? I also noticed it was 12(?)g stranded wire. Does having more
primary wraps allow better and/or more power transfer? Is there a big
difference to the spacing between the wire?

I just redid my first coil and have about 3/8 to .5 gap between turns
instead of 1/4. It seems less feisty. I changed wiring and primary and have
attributed my losses(incorrectly maybe) to my primary.

I want to try ur primary... But what would be the difference if I used an
avg .25x.25? On your coil specs BTW... I was using my old coil as reference.
There is so much to grasp here all at once... I went from playing with
arduinos to Tesla coils. I've learned a lot but still am one lost puppy....
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