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[TCML] Tesla Coil with Ricci Trafo

Hi all,

Today I tested my first tesla coil and the first time I turned it on and it worked.
I can not tell anyone how amazing it was, my teachers were impressed by the result.
As you may know I used the Ricci trafo (9kV-50mA) which did not want to work at first, but now it did. It had an open circuit breaker but with the capacitors it immediately closed the spark gap. I can confirm that this transformer is usable for Tesla Coil building. Also the 940C series from CD worked fine for the tesla coil.

It was a really cool result and the noise was astounding. Although terrifying it was beautiful. I took lots of safety measures to ensure my and others safety. I learned how dangerous these things are and that they are not toys.

I want to thank Steve White, Gary Lau, Chris Reeland and all other TCML members for helping me out. Without TCML I think it would not have worked.
So again, thank you! If anyone wants to see the end result (50 cm sparks) or the document that was written for school I can provide them.


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