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The reason T&R quit selling to individuals is because they were threatened with a lawsuit. Why would they subject themselves to huge lawsuits for the profit on a single pole transformer when they can sell dozens at a time to entities who use them as intended....on top of a power pole, not as a power supply for a Tesla coil where the potential for an accident is high. Not to mention a use the pole transformer was never designed for. It has nothing to do with absurd or ignorant sales terms, it has to do with corporate well-being.

Condenser Products stopped selling to individuals for the same reason, they were threatened with a lawsuit. I worked with them to get a TC line of capacitors, which was for naught after that happened.

Bottom line is if an individual buys dangerous commercial products from a supplier who is willing to sell to them and gets hurt they need to lick their wounds and move on, not threaten litigation and ruin it for everyone else.

It's called personal responsibility! A commodity that is currently in short supply.

Ed Wingate RATCB

On 4/26/2018 9:38 PM, David Rieben wrote:

Yes, I think that T&R quit selling their transformers to non-corporate entities. Lot's of legal liability when you start selling potentially fatal devices to individuals whom are totally unqualified to mess with said dangerous device.


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What ever happened to T & R Electric?  Awhile
back, I'm astounded to see that it was in 2002, I
purchased a 5 KVA pig from them for $199,
delivered.  They had their own truck and driver
that traveled America's highways dropping off
transformers along the way, sort of like Johnny
Appleseed.  I see that they still have an active
web site so it might be worth a shot.  Of course
their corporate philosophy toward dispensing
dangerous hardware to rank amateurs may have
changed in the succeeding 16 years.


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