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Re: [TCML] 833a VTTC advice

Hi John,

I agree with you keeping the level shifter for this 833A tube. It is a much
more powerful tube and can handle the full level shifted power from the MOT
not pulsing. I mentioned a larger tube should work better.

On Dave's 810, I think it is a bit too much power for this smaller tube. I
feel in this application level shifted must be pulsed to ultilze the full
peak power available.
Since he is not pulsing currently, I think he should take off LS. If he
decided to pulse in the future, he will have to completely retune for this.
That is why I did a test on the smaller 811 tubes coil. I could pulse this
coil and retune for this. But for this coil I am leaving it as is.

For me, I would always pulse a LS and tune in for this. Even with larger
tubes, even though they can handle without pulsing. Less loading on
Just my opinion.

Also, Thanks for your wealth of knowledge John.


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On Jan 14, 2018 10:38 AM, "Futuret via Tesla" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And I strongly recommend keeping the level shifter circuit in the VTTC.
Without it
you won't get 18" to 23" sparks from a single 833A tube.  The level shifter
a very good and efficient circuit and is the only way to get good results
an MOT.  Regarding the shorter RF burst "off" times that Chris mentioned,
never seen that effect in my coils.  If anything, a level shifter usually
an even shorter peak burst level, which makes the coil more efficient.  This
is because the spark length of a VTTC depends mostly on the peak RF
burst level, rather than the average level.

Getting optimal results from a VTTC can take a LOT of fiddling around with
the coil in some cases.  It's much more difficult than tuning a disruptive
spark gap coil, because multiple factors affect the output results.

John Freau
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