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Looking at the video, I do not think it is a GFI.
I believe it is an open circuit protection where it shuts the transformer off if there is no load or a broken tube. This would be to prevent arcing to ground and possible starting a fire. This would make sense in that it would allow an arc until it got too big and then shut down.
Further, there does not seem to be a reset which GFI's usually have.

Hard to tell but I think the jumpers are not correct either. I believe all that needs to be jumped are the two power leads straight across. HOWEVER, measure the third lead to the case, both lugs and to the secondary. Most likely this is the center tap of the transformer secondary and they used it for the sense circuit. If the secondary output of the transformer does not show resistance to ground on either leg, then I suspect the third pair of lugs need a jumper across them as well to make sure the secondary center tap is grounded.


At 12:27 PM 21/01/2018, you wrote:
So I recently bought a NST.
To be clear it is not a solid state high frequency unit. (It weighs 12 kg)
Having done my research beforehand I figured hooking it up is not that hard. (FART's didn't have GFI's)
But after trying several things no arcs appear since the GFI keeps triggering.
(The GFI is on the green plate)
So I tried bypassing it and connecting the NST with thick copper wire.
But turning it on now triggers the GFI in my house. (All my lights turned off)
First of all, why does this happen with my particular NST, and why doesn't it happen to all others?

The NST comes from the manufacturer Ricci (I first thought it was FART but the website tricked me and send me this one.)

After testing today I found that someone else from the Netherlands had the exact same problem.
Link to his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piH44ohowyE

Here are some pictures concerning the setup:


I hope I provided enough information.
Does anyone have suggestions?



(PS I am sorry if this is really stupid)
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