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[TCML] Eastern Voltage Research staccato board

Is anyone familiar with the staccato control board sold by Eastern Voltage Research? I recently assembled one of these controllers to use with my VTTC. Does anyone know what the "Bypass" switch is supposed to do? I assumed that it was supposed to select between staccato and CW mode of operation. When I select the "Bypass" position I expected to see a +12 volt DC level which would constantly turn on the triac. What I see is a pulsed waveform which is still affected by the "Pulse Width" pot but not the "PRF" pot. When I turn off the "Bypass" switch then I get the expected staccato waveform with pulse width and PRF control.

I submitted this question to Eastern Voltage Research and this was their response:

"Good question.  I can't even remember what it does as its been nearly 15 years since I've played with one of these, but I don't I ever used this function.  The tubes really shouldn't be run CW anyways.  You won't get much output arc and the power level would be extremely high.

I think the implementation of the bypass may be incorrect now that I look at the schematic.  I believe if the RESET is "LOW", then the output stays low which is what you are seeing."

This is not a very satisfying answer. Can anyone answer this question?
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