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Re: [TCML] VTTC MOT question

Hi Chris

When I figure out a good way to post some pics I will. I have a lot of them.

That is nice looking stuff. If I had the space I would have that much. About 5 years ago I built a heated stand-along workshop in my back yard. At the time I thought it was plenty big but I soon realized that I should have made it twice as big. It looks like I have about half the space that you do so I have to be super efficient in how I use my space. I love machine tools. I currently have the following:

* Supermax milling machine (Bridgeport clone) with 48" table, power drawbar, XYZ axis digital readout, and extensive tooling
* Sheldon lathe with 13" swing and 48" bed with VFD drive, tachometer, and extensive tooling
* Large metal-cutting variable speed band saw
* Grinder

As you did, I used nothing but old-fashioned rigging techniques to get the mill and lathe into my work shop. It is amazing what you can do with simple hand tools and techniques when you put your mind to it. The Egyptians and the pyramids come to mind. If I had the space I would also have a horizontal mill and a surface grinder. Since my mill serves as an excellent drill press, I sold my drill press to gain space.

The rest of the space is taken up by work benches, shelves, and the equipment for my big SGTC (8-foot sparks) which is powered by a 10 KVA pole pig.

Currently I am modifying my VTTC to replace my rewound MOT filament transformer and filament pre-heat resistor with a commercial filament transformer with variac and voltmeter.


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Hi Steve,

Your rig sounds very nice and thought out and I am sure it looks good also.
Like that you built it keeping it "open", showing the "workings". Like
that. Thanks for a good description of what you have now. You will have to
put a picture up sometime. Would not mind seeing. Understand your keeping
it conveniently portable.

Me, I will probably clean a little some when I finally get it tweaked all
the way. But I am not too worried about being somewhat big. Me, I share
meters, variacs, and the interrupter on the breadboard with other coils.
Share filament and plate transformers on others. But this one I gave a
mounted MOT and filament transformer which is I think the first time I have
done that. I guess we are all different and it is ok. Me, I don't mind
breaking down and transporing in pieces or anything being big. This coil is
at my Dad's. And currently building a medium size tube coil there also. The
plate trans for this weighs 80lbs. This will be the biggest I do at my
Dad's. The other going project is at my place, too big for there and I have
better equipment for making something like this here with my machine tools
also. Got all my really big HV stuff here also. I am used to big heavy
things at my place. I will admit, like big heavy things. Know how to move
them also by myself with limited equipment, cannot get things like
forklifts in my garage. So, old school rigging methods to move them from
the front opening of the garage door. Can be very long slow process, but I
always get it done. At times I rent some heavy equipment to off load from a
trailer or truck if I get something past 3000 lbs., which is the limit of
my gantry crane, that I will put together outside when needed. Weighs
itself about 600lbs. For things 1000 lbs and less, I have a small manual
push around Big Joe electro hydraulic lift which works great outside or
inside. Can just reach the back of semitrucks for smaller deliveries. Very
handy. Actually I have way too many things and projects, but I am never

Still trying to get the shop organized, I have turned it upside down
several times especially in the past 5 years of machines coming and going,
till I got machines I really wanted. Selling some, trading some, to get
something better or in nicer condition. Some of this is really old. In one
picture here I have one staged ready to go out, selling, need the room.
Like the machine, but don't really need it, what it can do can mostly be
covered by others. Keeping everything else as far as I know. No more
playing a "heavy game of chess" with this stuff I hope. I have regretted
putting some machines in the back trapped by usually of course something
way bigger in the way. Once this machine goes, just got some minor
rearranging to do of "small ones".

Just thought I give a bit more about me and my "junk" :-)
It is a madness...but it is good... I hope...

Here is a couple of pics.

My favorite machine tool, about 9000 lbs, this one was pretty tough to move
inside, about 12 feet long also.


Then some others, also showing some of the bigger HV "junk" :-) got the
"small" stuff in the house all over.




And since I am a talking about big things, this ought to be just fun to try
in the near future on a VTTC, just got recently.


Ok, enough about me and some junk, guess I went off in a tangent, saying I
don't mind this little coil being a little big, even though I just recently
complained a little about running out of room on the board. :-)


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