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Re: [TCML] PFC Cap Bank

While use of PFC caps won't alter the efficiency of your coil, the fact
that it reduces the current through your mains cabling will result in lower
IR losses, so the available mains voltage at your pig will be higher than
if you weren't using PFC.  This may not matter if you are throttling the
pig with a Variac, but in my experience using an NST with Variac always set
to 11 that was pulling >25A through wiring in the walls, the IR drop was
significant.  Any way to boost the mains voltage at the NST means more
power throughput and longer sparks, effectively setting the Variac to "12".


Regards, Gary Lau

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 1:54 PM Steve White <steve.white1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ...<snip>
> You probably already know this but PFC does not reduce your energy
> consumption. It won't make the streamers any longer. I use it to minimize
> the load on my circuit breakers in the distribution panel so that I can run
> closer to the load limit without ripping the breaker.
> Steve White
> Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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