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Re: [TCML] The RF Police

> That is, in fact, a decent goal.  1 MVA is a nice round number
> Jim

Well...maybe 1MVA is a start. The guy I bought my potential transformer
from has a 15.625 MVA turbine!



~Dan (headed for trouble one way or another)
Kansas City area

On Wed, Aug 28, 2019, 6:00 PM jimlux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 8/28/19 12:18 PM, Daniel Kunkel wrote:
> > I am currently working on a pig powered magnifier. I am wondering at what
> > power levels do I need to be concerned with RF interference and (USA)
> > Federal Laws and entities getting angry. I don't plan on going over
> 10KVA.
> >
> > The good news is, I live out in the country. The bad news is, I live 2.5
> > miles (as the RF crow flies) away from a military base. And in between my
> > house and the base, is an off base facility 1.2 miles away (as the RF
> crow
> > flies). I believe it is a training center, but there are many antennas
> and
> > my radar detector goes crazy there, so I know there is some sort of comm
> > link between the base and the building.
> >
> > Advice?
> fortunately, tesla coils are terrible antennas.. So you're not an
> "intentional radiator" for which damped wave emissions are prohibited.
> Basically, if you interfere, and someone complains,  you have to turn it
> off.
> Part 15:
> § 15.5 General conditions of operation.
> (a) Persons operating intentional or unintentional radiators shall not
> be deemed to have any vested or recognizable right to continued use of
> any given frequency by virtue of prior registration or certification of
> equipment, or, for power line carrier systems, on the basis of prior
> notification of use pursuant to § 90.35(g) of this chapter.
> (b)Operation of an intentional, unintentional, or incidental radiator is
> subject to the conditions that no harmful interference is caused and
> that interference must be accepted that may be caused by the operation
> of an authorized radio station, by another intentional or unintentional
> radiator, by industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) equipment, or by
> an incidental radiator.
> (c) The operator of a radio frequency device shall be required to cease
> operating the device upon notification by a Commission representative
> that the device is causing harmful interference. Operation shall not
> resume until the condition causing the harmful interference has been
> corrected.
> (d)Intentional radiators that produce Class B emissions (damped wave)
> are prohibited.
> But, should you want to go further and see if you WOULD be compliant
> https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/47/part-15/subpart-B
> you're not marketing, so you don't need an authorization (Supplier's
> Documentation of Conformity or certification) called out in 15.101
> You're probably not in the 15.103 exempted devices, although conceivably
> you could fit in (c) digital device used in test equipment..
> Your radiated emission limits are easy: it starts at 30 MHz, and you're
> probably not emitting more than 100 microvolts/meter at 30 Mhz and above.
> Frequency of emission (MHz)     Field strength (microvolts/meter)
> 30-88   100
> 88-216  150
> 216-960 200
> Above 960       500
> Just to add:
> § 15.23 Home-built devices.
> (a) Equipment authorization is not required for devices that are not
> marketed, are not constructed from a kit, and are built in quantities of
> five or less for personal use.
> (b) It is recognized that the individual builder of home-built equipment
> may not possess the means to perform the measurements for determining
> compliance with the regulations. In this case, the builder is expected
> to employ good engineering practices to meet the specified technical
> standards to the greatest extent practicable. The provisions of § 15.5
> apply to this equipment.
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