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[TCML] DC Charging

Hi All

I`m in need of help and advice - re DC charging V AC charging.

At the moment I`m running out magnifier coil on AC, power comes from a 15KvA pole pig set to output 9.5Kv (it`s the way I wired it when I rebuilt the thing), my primary cap is of the MMC type and is 0.017uf @ 28kV, I`m running a super series rotary spark gap with a rotor speed of 0 - 10,000 rpm.

The best performance so far is V in 230V @ 20A with a brake rate of aprox 650bps the max arc lenght so far is around 6 too 6 1/2 feet (and as you can guess I want more)

My thoughts are to run the pig output through a full bridge made of 4 HV diodes rated at 25kV @ 2A`s then through a set of smoothing caps ( 3 x 7.5kV DC @ 2uf for a total of 22.5kV @ 0.66uf) then through a de-Qing diode again 25kV@2A`s then an HV inductor.

This way I`m hoping my MMC will see a much higher voltage (More voltage more bang)

Here is a link to my Youtube channel with the coil running


What are peoples thoughts on the idea.

Cheers All

Mike Tucknott

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