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[TCML] Items for sale: pole transformer, PTs, capacitors, and more

Hey folks! Time to thin out my workshop. I am trying to off-load some of
the larger/heavier Tesla-related items that I have collected over nearly 2
decades of building Tesla coils and related HV experiments. Going forward,
nearly everything I do will be solid state. Giving the folks here first
dibs before listing elsewhere.

If there is no price listed, make me an offer. You either pick up or pay
for shipping, and possibly arrange for shipping if it's a larger item. Not
inclined to ship anything over 100lbs or so.

You must be 18 or older to purchase the pole transformer or any of the PTs.

All items located in central PA.

Contact me off-list if interested.

Photos of everything: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JXQoXigjFwt334kt8

(1) 15kVA 7200V single-ear pole transformer - $300 OBO

(2) 3kVA 18.6KV GE type JVT-150, 155:1 - $200 each, OBO. I have 3, keeping
1 for myself.

(1) 1.5kva 7200V single-ear PT, GE type JVM-5, 60:1 - $75 OBO

(1) GE 13.8kv, 0.25uF, snubber/protection cap, cat. # 18L0009WH (this is
the model that David Rieben uses in his Green Monster) - $150 OBO

15kVA 3-phase step up/down transformer. 415V to 240V star/delta (see
pictures) - make offer

Transco 9/30 NST. $25

Franceformer 7.5/30 NST. $25

(4) Luxtrol variacs. Removed from an old-school theater lighting dimmer.
Model D1200P, 10A, 120V. - make offer

(1) Luxtrol 15MD2060 120V 16.7A variac. Frame has a crack in it, but
mechanically and electrically it works. $35 OBO

(1) 3-phase 460V to 2670V transformer. Was the power supply for a large
quad-pentode transmitter. - make offer

(1) General Radio Type W30H 240V, 12A variac. $50 OBO

GE Type 30F DC filter caps. Would like to get $15 each, OBO.
(2) 10kvdc 3.3uF
(1) 10kvdc 5uF
(1) 10kvdc 13uF
(2) 5kvdc 46uF

120BPS SRSG. 3600RPM teletype motor. Base needs to be rebuilt (MDF has
deteriorated over time). This worked well up to a couple kva for short
runs. Copper plating on the PCB material used for the rotor started to peel
at higher power. Would like $100, OBO.

Tektronix 5110 mainframe scope with 5A18N dual trace amplifier, 5A15N
single trace amplifier,
5B10N time base. Probes pictured not included. $75

Misc MOTs. Free to good home if you pay shipping. Otherwise they'll be

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