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Re: [TCML] Eastern Voltage Research VTTC Staccato Controller - puzzled on "burst" output

Hi Steve,

Thanks for liking on how this looks.
I'm pretty satisfied on how it came out.
I want to be able to use on several different coils, hence it's own
enclosure. And it just manages on the "304er" to squeeze underneath the
"deck". Saving even more bench space! Remember in some earlier experimental
set ups of this coil...darn near, took up whole bench top! Getting this
fella "cleaned up and refined" slowly, but surely :^)

The little LED display is a self contained little DC voltmeter, for
watching the 12 VDC bus. I do the same on my breadboard interrupter also. I
like to just monitor this, giving a very basic "all is well". Hopefully! :^)

Hmm...got some similar and some other problems in your "burst" part of the
circuit also. Mine is now working as i said. Doing what I believe it should
be doing. This mode has shorter streamer length, which is expected. Still
some crazy long off shoots occasionally. But mainly it gets some crazy fat
streamers and some interesting sounds with it. The 2 pulse gets the
fattest. The 5 pulse gets some, but mainly, just crazy and just plain neat.
Power draw at least for me, not too bad. 5 pulse of course uses more. But
at a lower rate, not working anything hard

I would like to say, maybe you have a bad 555 also. Can't be for sure. I
feel that I got lucky. Besides when there are 3 - 555's in this circuit
overall, what are the odds that we both got 1 bad each and somehow both put
it the same part of the circuit? But who knows...?

I feel that this "burst" circuit is a worthwhile extra. If working
correctly of course.

Yes, this "bypass" switch has little use as is. As you turn your "burst"
pot down to near 0 ohms, it goes full 60Hz sync. (I don't want to say
"CW"). Since I have three different fixed resistors instead on 3 ON/OFF
switches, I can do the same real quick, just by leaving all 3 OFF. And of
course both of us can achieve the same 60Hz sync, just by turning the PRF
rate all the way up.

Just quicker with the switch I guess... Maybe I'm quicker, since now I
realize after how the "burst" should work, because I have 2 toggles now
that can do this :-D :-D Oh wait, just realized...4 toggs :-D:-D:-D:-D

Coming this weekend on Saturday, I will shoot some video of this controller
running a few various ways and post the link here.

I am going to run the old breadboard one also and do some comparisons. I do
notice some differences between them in regular 1 pulse mode. I want to
verify side by side changing between the two,  which I could do fairly
quickly and easily.

I have not for me have any that I would call "snappy". So not sure what you
Could be coil tuning involved maybe or something else...

At some rates this new controller, so far it seems like I am getting more
small branches or "leghorns" as I like to call them, than before. But I can
get great swords at certain rates though.
The breadboard one seemed to be more consistent at more rates though.
Also noticable so far, is at the lowest rate so far is some streamer length
is lost now. Not a lot, but I notice it. Have not taken measurements yet.
Will do when I set both up and compare as I said.

I also, wonder if we may hear anything from Forrest maybe on how his works.
And maybe here from the, I think I can safely say, there few others that
may have this also.

Also, I finally found all the old posts you started a while back. That you,
me, John, and maybe someone else (I forgot currently),commented some on the
flawed bypass.

I think I covered everything...and rambled enough for now...

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

Sent from my LG V20
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