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Re: [TCML] Eastern Voltage Research VTTC Staccato Controller - puzzled on "burst" output

In early work I did with the staccato mode, using a differentschematic, the purpose of the bypass switch was to allow for60 PPS operation.  This basically bypassed the staccato action,that is why it's called a bypass switch.  This design whichused the 555 timer IC's was not able to give full 60 PPS operationeven when the pot was rotated for the fastest pulse rate.  Itonly gave 30 PPS maximum.  To get the full 60 PPS operationthe bypass switch was needed, which permits the VTTC to runlike a regular VTTC that has no staccato circuit. 
In my original staccato work,I used older style 5V TTL IC's, this design was able to reach60 PPS just by rotating the pot to maximize the pulse rate.A bypass switch was not needed.  However the TTL circuitwas more sensitive to RF interference, and it tended to misfire when the spark length exceeded 20" or whatever.
I have an Eastern Voltage Research staccato circuit board, but I never got around to populating the board.  

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Hi all.

Starting a few weekends ago, off and on, I have decided to finally put this
kit together and also put this in an enclosure with all external controls.
I have had this for a few years now... decided it is time to try it or it
may never happen...

Pretty pleased so far. Got it running with no mistakes made putting it
all together.
Was a pain somewhat wiring all external controls and squeeze everything
inside my enclosure.

As far as I know, everything looks good when I scoped this first before
actually hooking it up and running on my 304 VTTC.

I ran this late last night on my coil for the first time. Everything works
pretty much as expected, except the adjustable "burst" settings.

It has a normal 1 pulse. Then the "bursts" are a 2 pulse and a 4 pulse. And
the PRF rate is adjustable on all. All looks good on the scope, but when
actually running the VTTC, it "ignores" the "bursts" and runs just as if in
normal 1 pulse mode.

So a bit puzzled currently. I was wondering if some others has this kit,
and if their "burst" mode works as expected.

I know Steve (White) has this and I think Forrest has this also. If you
fellas could let me know if yours works as expected, I would greatly
appreciate it and if anyone else could chime in.

Also I see what Steve was talking about a few years past about the "bypass"
switch. It is the what I would call a "60Hz Sync" and PW is adjustable. If
I remember correctly (currently I can't find his old posts on this) he was
wanting it to actually do "CW".  But for me I am okay with this. But I
agree this should not be called a "bypass".

Going to try some more things here currently right now...
I will post some pictures later of it in the enclosure and the layout of
the inside.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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