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Re: [TCML] Fairly big changes to my little 304 VTTC

Hi all.

Decided to make some more changes in the tank on the 304er. I wanted to
further clean up the mica cap setup. Took a while, but I have finally
acquired another mica cap that will replace the 3 separate micas. This will
make for fewer cap connections. Just this one and my vacuum variable cap
now. Should help a little also and well, just look cleaner. It is a 293
mica at .02 uF nameplate. Measured was just a little lower at 19.819 nF ,
test frequency at 100kHz. Normal for what I am used to seeing on all the
different micas I have.

I bought this knowing that I was going to be over a little on capacitance,
just on nameplate. Not going to be able to get exact value ever, but I
still want to clean this up. Knowing nameplate, just working out in my head
roughly, I will most likely need to remove 1 turn on the primary. Only have
so much range on the vacuum cap. Took notes on all previous values, and
where the vacuum cap was at.
Yep, looks to be, that I will need to remove 1 turn. But I ran coil 1st to
verify. Can not put back on, your committed once cut here for me! (I don't
do taps.)
Confirmed, runs good still, but I can "tell/feel", out of best tuning
range. Measured uH 13 turns, then the new 12. Calculations, tell I should
be there, for the tuning range I want. 8.821 to 8.242 uH now. Reinstalled
and ran the coil. Back to where I was before real close, tuning wise...all
good. Yes, this changes some other factors, but I still want to clean up
the tank. Also just left grid leak winding as is for now.

So far, after running late last night/early this morning, efficiency seems
to be even greater so far... still tweaking things.

Another very interesting note here, is on the topic of the "quivering"
primary mentioned earlier here... well now there is almost next to nothing
in all but just a few break ranges, and then just very little. Before it
was in several, and as seen in video, can be quite a lot. Actually video
does not do it justice, as when seen in person.

Have not fully "wrapped" this all in my head yet. May very well help also
in some of the increased efficiency I am seeing so far. So again, just want
to say this is very interesting going from an odd number of turns to now an
even number and seeing this change the "quivering".

Here is a few before and after pictures.


Hopefully later today in the other thread started on the EVR  Staccato
controller I will be following up where I left off, by posting running

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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