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[TCML] Wisconsin Tesla coil builders...

Hi all,

I have adequate experience working with electronics, but I'm still a bit
wet behind the ears when it comes to high voltage builds... Thanks to the
years of contributions from groups like this and other online resources, I
have discovered a wealth of information regarding Tesla coil design and
construction. However, I would LOVE to actually meet a few builders, pick
their brains, and just talk high voltage for a while!

Are there any *Wisconsin* based builders out there that are open to showing
off some of their builds in-person, or would be willing to chat about their
experiences with high voltage projects?

I know that there used to be some annual Teslathons in WI which sadly seem
to have ended years ago (boy did I miss out). But if anyone in WI has some
time to talk about what they've built (or are currently building), I would
drive to you, ask too many questions, and listen really really well!

Please feel free to hit me up directly (if that's ok?):


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