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Re: [TCML] More fun with wireless power

On 8/1/20 2:04 PM, Douglas Johnson wrote:
A testament to Tesla, who of course was on the mark with wireless
transmission! Too bad there aren't more like you that believe Tesla's
wireless power transmission was not "junk Science"!

Well, wireless transmission of power over limited distances is certainly possible. All those wireless phone chargers, etc.

And, not junk science - In fact, it's sufficiently well understood that it's fairly easy to dismiss the crackpots, as well as the folks who don't understand that "nice for milliwatts at 6" but the fields needed to run kilowatts over 1km distances are fairly challenging"

Greg's demo is mighty impressive, if only because setting up the test environment is non-trivial. The coupling of energy from a (large) electric field, per se, isn't unexpected. Lighting up fluorescent bulbs is but one example.

It would be interesting if Greg could publish some numbers on the power being harvested.

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