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Re: [TCML] More fun with wireless power

On 8/1/2020 13:31, Finn Hammer<f-h@xxxx> wrote:

A great acheivement, and it must be absolute fun to drive around, dodging the occational rogue streamer from the mother coil.
Cheers, Finn Hammer

Thanks! The fun part for me is realizing that the screaming motor is driven by something as ethereal as an ambient electric field.

The rogue streamers aren't really an issue; they're short-lived, and so far haven't come close to the roadster. I suppose if they did connect I might lose some coil components, but I have spares. The new aerial shields the driver quite well; I can't feel the e-fields at all, whereas with the smaller old one I had to wear heavy gloves!

I do think it would be more interesting to have a serpentine track rather than just always turning in one direction. So when we set up outside again, we're going arrange a 400-500ft long track that weaves about around the coil. A little more of a technical challenge as the range and direction varies. From the msmts I've made so far, should be no problem to get sufficient field coupling across a track of that size.

Also hoping to get more folks to put together some prototypes. There's one fellow so far, who wants to convert a Razor 'crazy cart' to wireless.


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Fra: Greg Leyh<lod@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sendt: Sat, 01 Aug 2020 19:15:06 +0200 (CEST)
Emne: [TCML] More fun with wireless power

Hi All,

Made a short video of the new 'Tesla Roadster,' a small vehicle powered
completely by ambient fields as per Tesla's original patent.

This one includes a bunch of improvements over the first one.  Lower
rolling resistance, better drive ratio, and better tuning and coupling
for the onboard Tesla coil.  All of the small improvements had a much
bigger impact than expected:


There's some wireless history at the beginning, test starts at 2:22.

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