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Re: [TCML] Tesla Digest, Vol 156, Issue 1

Hi Tony Fleming,

Since there has not been much response for the parts you have/don't have/no
plans, you are going to have design it based on what you have and will have
to make decisions for a final overall design on what to get for the rest of
parts required. And well learn some of the knowledge required.

And then ask some questions here on a specific area that you don't

Currently you do not have one specific question, just how to put together a
pile of parts...with too many details missing even though you tried in

I will admit here I am not much of a Spark Gap Tesla Coil type of guy...yet

I am into Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils which are a similar but quite a
difference "beast" to build and "specifically" tune properly.

Here is a good site that I think will be a very good starting place for you
to learn much more. It is a pretty complete what I like to call a "one stop
place to shop" for Coil information.


Hope this will help you to get started.

If others have any other sites please suggest for a beginner.  As I am
mostly a "Tube" guy and mostly build from "my head" and some calculations
on paper and from experience.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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