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[TCML] For sale: Tesla coil items in Central PA

Greetings fellow TCMLers. I've previously posted a subset of this for
sale list before, and if it pleases the moderators I'd like to post it
one last time. It now includes additional items that will further draw
down my investment in traditional spark gap coils. Planning an
eventual move and a minor downsizing of my operations here, and would
rather not take all of these things with me.

All items available for pickup in Central PA. Willing to meet within
an hour or two driving distance for the right deal. Items listed
without a price are "best offer / make an offer / help make it
disappear". Everything must go! Shipping can be worked out for the
smaller/lighter items.

Please contact me off-list if interested.

Photos of everything: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JXQoXigjFwt334kt8

* 15kVA 7200V single-ear pole transformer
* 1.5kva 7200V single-ear PT, GE type JVM-5, 60:1
* (2) 1.5kva 12000V dual-ear PT, GE type JVM-5, 100:1. One of these,
the red one, is a high precision model.
* GE 13.8kv, 0.25uF, snubber/protection cap, cat. # 18L0009WH (this is
the model that David Rieben used for a time in his Green Monster) -
$150 OBO
* Luxtrol 15MD2060 120V 16.7A variac. Frame has a crack in it, but
mechanically and electrically it works.
* Crittenden 3-phase 460V to 2670V transformer. Was the power supply
for a large quad-pentode transmitter. Unknown KVA, but it is heavy.
* "Electro" single phase 3200V to 58/116V voltage transformer. Unknown KVA.
* (3) Powerstat S-780 (like 1256D) 0-280VAC, 28A variacs. Two of these
are mounted in the rack enclosure listed below, third is currently
* Powerstat variac motor drive (see photos). Currently mounted on top
of two of the S-780 variacs in the rack enclosure.
* Circuitmate FG2 function generator. Works fine, but was damaged in
shipping and the case had to be glued back together.
* Fluke 7000 bench DMM (missing mA banana plug)
* Tektronix 455 oscilloscope.
* (2) Tektronix oscilloscope carts.
* 120BPS SRSG. 3600RPM teletype motor. Base needs to be rebuilt (MDF
has deteriorated over time). This worked well up to a couple kva for
short runs. Copper plating on the PCB material used for the rotor
started to peel at higher power.
* ARSG: 10krpm, 10"x1/2" G10 disk, 8 flying, 1 stationary electrode,
1/4" pure tungsten electrodes. This was built by me, then statically
balanced (but not dynamically, it has a vibration at certain RPMs due
to this). Worked well up to ~7kVA.
* Slanted top, 3/4 height equipment rack. Included is a 10U panel
blank for the upper section and (2) 1U rack shelves. This rack
currently has (2) Powerstat S-780 variacs mounted in the bottom, along
with a powerstat motor drive. Rear door swings and locks. I do not
have side panels. This would make the perfect platform to build a huge
pole pig control cabinet.
* (2) large SCR heatsinks (see photos)

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