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Re: [TCML] My now formerly "breadboard" interrupter for my 304er VTTC.

Thanks Fuzzy.

Hi Antonio,
Doing this in the zero crossover detection part of the circuit changed the
trigger time by giving it a longer lead time, instead of being "spot" on.
This is an advantage of achieving longer and straighter "swords" when you
are pulsing a VTTC, using a level shifted power supply. In essence, it
gives a longer ramp up time of a level shifted sine wave. The original
circuit triggers off a normal AC sine wave and it has a shorter ramp up
time and results in shorter, wandering swords, when using on a level
shifted power supply, which most people are using on VTTC's.

I made some attempts to modify the zero crossover part, to trigger off a
shifter, but was mostly unsuccessful, was able to do basic test, but I also
experienced all kinds of stability problems in the rest of the interrupter
circuit. So I came up with this just by experimenting on the breadboard.
The interrupter from EVR, I did a different way.

I hope this rambling makes sense, I am by no means am expert in circuitry
or our coils. Just a determined enthusiast to achieve the best I can for a
great running VTTC and learn things along the way.

For some more information, me and John recently went back and forth on a
tangent to this thread linked below. It is directly related to this in more
detail. I will admit a lot rambling and long winded, with some more scope
pictures of the differences and some video links also running. So if you
have some time...

Eastern Voltage Research VTTC Staccato Controller - puzzled on "burst"


Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

Sent from my LG V20
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