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Re: [TCML] My now formerly "breadboard" interrupter for my 304er VTTC.

Nice final enclosure for the "breadboard" circuit.  Interesting too about your work using the solid state relay.  Lot of interesting effects.  I did some work in the past using "mechanical staccato".  I used amotorized rotary switch to interrupt the spark.  I did this both in a synchronized way and a non-synch way. As the motor speed was varied in the non-synch mode, the sparks sounded like a motorcycle engine revving up, etc.  Pretty cool sound and sparks.    

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Hi all again.

I have a few weeks ago decided it was time to get this off the breadboard.
I am done modifying and optimizing it. Decided to put this inside the same
case style as my EVR is. Decided to order a proper space saving transformer
and an assortment of monolithic ceramic caps also, to change some of the
caps to save even more space on the PCB board I purchased. The PCB board I
bought also mimics the breadboard layout, so much easier to transfer, but
at the same time, I changed some of the layout to save even more space.
Everything went well, and no mistakes where made :^) Worked correctly the
same as before and verified on scope, then run on coil.

Going to attach several pictures of the conversion.


And just now, I just updated the modified schematic I was using:


Well I hope some may find this useful, on level shifted VTTC's :^)
Seems pretty quiet in this "realm" currently.

Just a teaser here...but I have another post coming later today. It is 3am
currently here, so some sleep soon.
It has to do with interrupters for our VTTC's and I have something...  :^)

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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