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The real important thing to learn is that NSTs are fragile, whether sync or async. Look for a Terry Filter in the archives and use it. The MOVs are actually sacrificial, so if they activate too often they will fail, though they are generally "fail-safe". They will "generally" protect the NST by failing short. Yes, shorting an NST can be a "good" thing, as opposed to allowing runaway resonant rise. They can also fail open, by hurling chunks of themselves at you, to get you to quit abusing them. ;-)

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Hi Shaun, Steve,


Although synchronous firing (w/LTR tank capacitor) can be quite advantageous
for the rather limited available? power with a typical NST driven spark gap
coil system, from personal experience, I have found the output can be just
as impressive with asynchronous spark gap operation and higher bps ranges w/
a smaller than resonant tank capacitor with the more copious available power
with PT or pole pig driven spark gap coil systems. And it?s a whole lot
easier! ?


Just my $.02,





as has been pointed out, asynchronous gaps are very effective att higher
BPS, but at low BPS synchronous are better. At higher BPS some bangs will be
a bit off in timing, but others will be at the right point. The energy left
in the ballast after less successful bangs will be used in the next bang, so
it all evens out over time. But at one bang per half period, the timing is
very critical and a synchronous gap with phase control is a must. 


I have done some measurements and discuss these issues at my web site


So successful coils could be designed with either type of gap, depending on
the BPS. But more important is the resonant charging concept. A good
resonant design could supply three or four times the energy compared to an
arbitrary design. I discuss these issues also at my web site. 




Stockholm, Sweden

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