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Re: [TCML] Excited

Thank you for your insight. Very informative web site, had not yet seen.

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Hi Shaun,
It is possible to take scope measurement of the capacitor voltage, with the
timing of the spark gap visible. This is a much more direct way of assessing
the timing. The capacitor voltage is difficult to measure directly, but if
you use a differential HV probe like the Micsig DP10013, which sells for
about 160 $, on the transformer primary, the waveform is almost identical to
the capacitor voltage (multiplied by the winding ratio, of course). Then you
will see where the timing of the SRSG falls on the charging cycle of the
cap. You will also see the capacitor voltage at the firing, so you can see
to what extent your charging is optimized. 

I have simultaneous measurements on my web site of cap voltage and
transformer primary voltage waveforms, that shows that the waveforms are
virtually identical. But this is only valid for externally ballasted
transformers with low leakage inductance, like a pig. For a NST you will
only get a meaningless mains waveform, as the ballast inductance is included
in the transformer. 


Stockholm, Sweden

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After reading several post about setting the John F phase controller seems
many are incorrectly setting the timing to the peak ac mains, as was I. You
guys straightened me out and I have restudied Richie B, web site and now
know to set the firing to peak of the charging cap, at least that what I
understand at the moment. Im pumped to try the correct method out. Have one
question, is there a easy way to find the peak of the cap, seen some just
going by ear. With only 45 degrees of phase movement could take a bit of
lock and unlock, would like to be in the ball park. 


My initial idea is use a ct to trigger off the primary. Thank any for there


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