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[TCML] Gate Drive Pictures

Working on drsstc, more specific the gate drive transformers. The two
toroids that I'm using are

BLmDIS5lE6cYlUA%3D%3D> B64290L0659X037 and a 


Did a lot of reading and have a couple of questions.


I have tested both toroids and both yield the same results. Cat5 cable at 14
turns and Cat 5 cable at 16 turns.

The jacket has been removed from the cable and the wires twisted.


With a 100Khz sig on the primary the square wave in and square wave out,
looks good.


Next test, one at 40khz and one at 60khz. The two pictures below are the
results at the two frequencys





Acording to Richies web page and pictures of gdt waveforms, the slanting is
from not enough primary inductance and I agree.

So I series the primary which gave about 10mh, and left the secondary's the
same. This fixed the sloping. See next two pictures.





My question is, will having to series the primary mess things up. 

Why do I see most using the same number of turns and not having this
problem, or maybe not showing it.

The toroids are what was recommended and have the high numbers for parameter
al and ui.

I wanted to be able to run the new coil at low frequency, for the ibgt.

Also what would be the problem to just make a gdt with enough turns to avoid
this problem.


Any comments, thanks.





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