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[TCML] Switching frequency

I am missing a piece of info. Ok, say my srsstc is switching at 120
presentation per second, so that is 120hz. So now say I replace the srsg
with switching igbt's  (not really, just for this discussion). So the Igbts
will now be switching for a total of 120 hz. In between these pulses my coil
rings at around 200khz. So in my mind the coil rings at 200khz and the igbt
are switching at 120hz.


What im getting at, is I see people say, you will have to construct your
coil to resonant much slower, 35 to 75 khz to accommodate the slow switching
speed of the IGBT's 


So what am I not understanding, above it looks like the igbts are already
switching slow and the coils is what is ringing at the fast speed.

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