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RE: Magnet Wire Sources

Original poster: "Duke, Ronn (CCI-San Diego CCC) by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <Ron.Duke-at-cox-dot-com>

Howdy Matt,

Go to E.I.S. Circuit Supply http://www.eis-inc-dot-com/corporate/index_cn.html
<http://www.eis-inc-dot-com/corporate/index_cn.html>  . check the locations tab
for the supplier near you. This list is a price quote I received from the
local contact here in San Diego, California.

RW14HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 2.91 PER LB
RW15HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 2.94 PER LB
RW16HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.01 PER LB
RW17HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.09 PER LB
RW18HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.16 PER LB
RW19HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.17 PER LB
RW20HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.37 PER LB
RW21HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.47 PER LB
RW22HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.54 PER LB
RW23HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.75 PER LB
RW24HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 3.91 PER LB
RW25HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 4.02 PER LB
RW26HNLCP    10 LBS        $ 4.19 PER LB

These prices are for heavy Nyleze wire.  I ordered three ten pound rolls of
wire (14ga., 22ga., and 26ga.) The 22ga. is for my Tesla secondary and the
other is so I can wind some transformers. All three rolls only cost me $132,
including shipping. I received them the next day!  The only stipulation is
that there is a $100 minimum. (Maybe you could get up a bulk buy). These are
much better prices than I've seen anywhere on the web from other suppliers.
They ship about 100,000 pounds a week from this supplier alone! (Ahh, just
think of the coils we could wind with that!!)

Keep on Coilin'


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	Original poster: "Matt Segal by way of Terry Fritz
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	I realize that this has been discussed a few times before, but can
	provide a general summary of the places/sites that one can obtain
magnet wire
	at non-exorbitant prices? Thanks.

	~Matt Segal
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