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Major kVA Website Update

Original poster: "Jeff W. Parisse by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <jparisse-at-teslacoil-dot-com>


We've done a significant upgrade to our video
and website adding scenes and photos from the last
year (and then some). We have also changed our
strategy for serving streaming video and now offer
our main promotional video in four versions rather
than several smaller vignettes throughout the site.
For those of you who like our tongue and cheek
soundtrack, you're in luck, it hasn't changed.

Don't miss the new additions to Extreme Stunts
and (as always) don't try any of them at home as
you will most certainly die...   ...painfully.

I'm letting the TCML know first so I can lessen the
"rush" on our RealMedia server.

Jeff W. Parisse
Director, kVA Effects