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Re: Preventing a REALLY expensive mistake.

Original poster: "brian by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <ka1bbg1-at-mcttelecom-dot-com>

Hi, sounds like a fun project. I think i would want to run the computer
stuff off the single ph and put tesla on the 3 ph line. separate ground
systems for both. The only place i ever saw a ground system all the way
around a bilding was a machine shop AND this place had the worst of ground
loops!!!!! The hv lab might want to have a Faraday shield on the computer
side of the bilding. cul brian
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Subject: Preventing a REALLY expensive mistake.

> Original poster: "Christopher Boden by way of Terry Fritz
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> Over recent years I have learned that the most terrifying words you can
> to a sysadmin are "Tesla Coil" (next to "What's THIS button do?"). Now we
> have an interesting situation.
> We have a 20,000 sqft building at the Sigma-6 complex that we have to cram
> the High Voltage Lab, the Computer Labs (Hardware, Software, Security, AND
> BeoWulf cluster) and the main offices into.
> 1. The building is fed with 1-P 240VAC, and will be upgraded to 3-P 480VAC
> (for the elevator of doom), should I keep the 1P service as well? or just
> have the landlord upgrade from one to the other?
> 2. Will a system of 10 seperate 8-10' ground rods driven vertically around
> the buildings exterior and all laced together for a massive ground system
> an good enough protection for the computers and other electronics? Is
> a better way?
> 3. What are all the steps I CAN take to ensure the safety of our computer
> systems? I have to assume that the computers will be operating at the same
> time as the coils (and other HV gear), since as we all know, all Micro$oft
> NT-5 systems maintain 99.999% uptime and are virtually error free.....at
> least that's what the slicks tell us. 'Course, if you believe that I've
> a great deal on some property in Florida for you, the everglades, perhaprs
> you've heard of them?
> 4. I remember reading about garage coilers who have had discharges through
> the roof, can this happen on a solid concrete structure? (There will be
> classrooms under the H.V.L.)
> 5. I've heard of coils being mounted inverted from the ceiling. How is
> done? Why? What are the advantages of this setup? Can it be used to make
> near vertical discharges to the floor?
> 6. Will the operation of large amounts of HV gear cause a signifigant rise
> in the static electricity of the entire building? I'm worried about the
> hardware labs, static and CMOS devices aren't exactly friendly with each
> other.
> Thanks guys!
> Have fun!
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