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Re: [TCML] Series Transformers

In a message dated 6/17/08 8:06:40 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
Dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>Remember that Variacs do not provide any line 
>isolation,  and even at a one volt output, the "hot" end of the Variac 
>output is  still at line potential and can deliver a lethal shock.  

FWIW that's only true if the Variac or the  receptacle it's plugged into 
isn't wired correctly (a case of two wrongs can  make a right!). But Dave is 
certainly correct that the Variac gives you  virtually no isolation if *something* 
goes wrong.
-Phil LaBudde

Center for the Advanced Study of Ballistic  Improbabilities

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