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RE: [TCML] Are safety gaps necessary?

There is actually considerable controversy over the value of strike rails.  I think there is agreement that having an effective strike rail will result in more downward strikes than if one wasn't present, and that this will likely be the limiting factor in how long a streamer one can get from a coil.  I would agree that if one did not have a Terry filter or a 3-terminal safety gap, that a strike rail is a very good idea.  But if one does have a safety gap or Terry filter, it's not clear that a primary strike will result in damage.  Personally, I don't use a strike rail, since maximum length is my goal.

BTW, the above opinion is only for spark gap coils.  Solid state coils may require greater protection.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Gary, Bart, all.
> Given the advice of this list, I have set my safety gap (on a static spark
> gap system) and when the coil is running I get occasional firing of the
> safety gap, about 5 or 10 per minute. I was thinking this is all good and it
> does give me a certain peace of mind. Now given this latest discussion I am
> starting to think that I should be opening my safety gap out more. BTW I
> have a strike rail which does get hit occasionaly and it seems that the
> primary is very inlikely to be hit with the strike rail in place.
> Dave Nelson

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