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Re: [TCML] Overdriving NSTs

Hey Phillip...

200%?? you put 240Vac into it? ouch you lucked out this time...probably wont be so lucky the next time around...good chance you stressed the insulation on the secondaries of the NST ...

Scot D

Phillip Slawinski wrote:

I just hooked my NST up to the Tesla coil and ran it up to full (200%)
voltage. WOW! :-D Three foot sparks, maybe unimpressive to all you guys but for me that's something :) I haven't made any attempt at tuning it, and
I don't have all the parts yet.

My point is that for the short time I overdrove the NST in tesla coil duty
didn't destroy it immediately"

Doubt very very seriously that the output voltage doubled. If someone had the ambition he could run a curve of output voltage AND LINE CURRENT! vs input line voltage up to the input voltage where the core saturated. Runs of a few seconds wouldn't overhead the primary windings enough to do damage. Results would be interesting. I would think the results would be just about universal, for NST's at least, because the guys build them for a price and won't waste any money on extra iron or turns.


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