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Re: [TCML] Ballastwith adjustable Core


_Florist-wire_ is well suited for good quality cores. Here in Europe/Switzerland the soft iron wires can be obtained from florist shop auxiliary means distributors for little money. They are in the form of bundles of straight wire (diameter 0.5mm, length up to 50cm), colored in green. The color is a sufficant insulation for the purpose of avoiding eddy currents, and there is no need to straigthen and to cut the wires: all one has to do, is to form a bundle of them!

We have made cores for our induction coils out of them:
http://twfpowerelectronics.com/%7Ekurt/InductionCoils/Homebrew2004/DSCN1647.JPG http://twfpowerelectronics.com/%7Ekurt/InductionCoils/Homebrew2004/DSCN1649.JPG http://twfpowerelectronics.com/%7Ekurt/InductionCoils/Homebrew2004/DSCN1650.JPG http://twfpowerelectronics.com/%7Ekurt/InductionCoils/Homebrew2004/DSCN1652.JPG


   Thanks - excellent suggestion and one I'd never have considered.


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