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bartb skrev:
Hi Finn,

The P6002AC component data sheet shows 550V from pins 1 to 3. Have you used this sidac? It appears the breakdown voltage between those pins is 550V. Can you confirm?


I admit to not understanding the data sheets of Sidacs, which you will maybe remember from a previous post. However, in the old types, the actual breakdown voltage was exactly in the middle between Vdrm and Vs, so this particular item should break down at 550+700/2 = 675V. This is what I expect.
I asked for samples the other day, but I was turned down.
Mouser has them, and I would like to test them.
However, I feel a need to go to SMD, and the do214 packed types may be the ones I order.
I`l let you all know when I return from Paris, and get hands back on.

Cheers, Finn Hammer
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