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Re: [TCML] Need coil winding advice

Hi Jim,

I don't think you need to go to the bother of building a winding machine (just my personal opinion). You can easily wind a coil of even 1000 turns (which is what I did) on a 6.5 inch former in a little over 2 hours.
I watched the movie "outbreak" with dustin Hoffman - and the time flew.
So your 4 inch former would be VERY quick and effortless - because it would require less grip I just sat on the carpet with the former under my legs and with lots of little bit of Paper masking tape (or duct tape)
to secure the winding at different positions in case it all unraveled.
recommend every 20 or 50 turns put some tape on the coil...
I would recommend paper masking tape as it has the best grip and won't snag on the carpet when you are winding it. simply hold the wire in one hand to keep tension and then roll the former with the other end.. Its easier and quicker than it seems and would take less time to wind that building a purpose built jig - unless you planned on making multiply coils or EXTREMELY larger coils - even 10 diameter I could wind sitting on my carpet... News Paper under the coil or even plain printing paper helps keep the carpet fibres out - but you don't get much anyway... After the coil is wound - then brush a little bit of poly urethane onto the coil everywhere except the taped places (obviously)
The when dry give the coil its finals coats.... simple!!!!
I think I made the mistake of not drying my former properly enough or coating the inside with urethane - they supposedly absorb a lot of water which affects performance... (i'm assuming you are using PVC drain pipe or something)

Well hope I gave you some ideas..


Jim Harvey (UDN) wrote:
Greetings... (sorry if duplicate) I am designing my first TC and need to build a coil winder. My first
secondary coil will be:
Diameter: 4"
Length: 18 inches
Wire: 26 AWG
Since the coil is not too long, I am thinking about a plywood frame
supporting a motor, turns counter, and arbor. A foot switch would be used as
well as some type of speed control.
Can anyone point me to some links that show working units? 73 & Stay Vertical,

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