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Re: [TCML] Need coil winding advice

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I personally cut 3 slots into two wooden discs (16" diameter) out of old wire spool ends. The slots were equally spaced from near the center outward. In the slots I mounted aluminum cylinders (3/8"D x 4"L). I simply screwed in a bolt from one side of the disc slot into the end of the cylinder on the other side in each slot (so 3 cylinders). The slots allow me to adjust from 3" to 15" diameter coils. The aluminum cylinder fit on the inside of the form and are slid into equal positions against the inside walls. One disc has a bearing block mounted for free spinning. The other disc has a shaft locked to it which I insert into another free spinning bearing block. I use a slow gear motor and belt system to drive the shaft and a variable DC power supply to adjust the speed.

That reminds me a lot of how a lathe chuck works; great design Bart!

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